Monday, March 12, 2012

Hapalua Relay

Today I ran in the Hapalua Relay with a bunch of great friends.  Information about the race can be found here:

Hapalua Relay

And the results can be found here:


Before we ran the race I got to see my first-ever live finish of a Running Race other than the Track Meets I used to watch in high school.  Standing 10 feet away from the winners of the "Chase" (Thomas, Danny and especially female Bree) and then the Kenyan runners Nicholas and Jimmy (past Honolulu Marathon winners) I felt a sudden need to run 13.1 miles and finish strong.  I wanted to be like these people who had no fear, no limits, and let their bodies fly!!!  While I will never be as fast or half as fast as they I want to run with confidence, with no fear, with no limitations and with a smile on my face.  I want to push my body to do great things.  To attain my goals through determination, will, and hard work.  I am so thankful for today because today I call myself a runner.

So I took this inspiration with me as I began my race with my dear Fitness Friends.  We all surpassed our fears and ran hard and strong.  We had fun together and supported one another.  It was an amazing day!!!

I also have to add that I had a personal best running leg number 1 in 13:56 according to my Runkeeper app.  which put me at a 7:25 mile.  I am defying everything that I had known about my mind and my body a year ago.  And so I continue on this running journey with the support of my husband who humors me and runs with me, my friends that cheer me on, my kids who tell me only to run 1 mile because they'll miss me, and my parents who watch my kids so I can get my therapy.

And a huge shout out to Team Let's Get Fit.  Two years ago we never would have believed we'd run a 12.8 mile relay in under 2 hours running fast and hard.  We continue to break barriers with the support we have for one another.  It was a joy to run with you all today!!!

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